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Pediatric Acute Care Position

Urgent Care for Kids (UCK), based in Forth Worth, TX is expanding to the Greater Houston Area in the summer of 2013. UCK is a provider of after-hour pediatric care including suturing of simple lacerations, I%D of abscesses, and minor skeletal fractures. We are looking for energetic candidates to help UCK expand into the Houston market. The clinic will have in-house radiology equipment, rapid strep swabs, rapid RSV test and rapid Influenza A and B tests among other tests. It will also have a treatment room for the management of respiratory diseases requiring nebulizer treatment. The clinic will be staffed with a receptionist and a pediatric nurse. We offer a very competitive salary and benefits including malpractice coverage. Candidates can also apply for the medical director position of the clinic. If you are interested please contact me at: Gerardo Reyes, MD, MBA 630-487-1556 You can also visit us at


Greater Houston Area


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