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EMS Off-Line Medical Director

QUALIFICATIONS: Degreed as a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy degree from an accredited U.S. school of medicine or osteopathy or equivalent. Hold State Licensure and Board certification in Texas. Current unrestricted professional registration by the State Texas Medical Board. Current medical indemnity insurance. Completion of a training program in emergency medicine or demonstrated experience in this field. Relevant recent experience in emergency medicine, including at least a minimum of 250 hours over the past 12 months this field. Two professional references that can attest to your clinical experience and suitability for the role. Experience in pre-hospital emergency hospital care and emergency management of ill or injured patients. Be familiar with the design and operations of EMS systems. Must be able to meet the requirements of Texas Administrative Code Title 22, Part, Chapter 197, Rule 197.3 to perform the duties of an Off-Line Medical Director. Knowledge and skill in operating standard office equipment, i.e., phone fax machine, copier, pager, etc., and personal computer. Must have current Texas drivers license with current vehicle insurance. RESPONSIBILITIES: Approve the level of pre-hospital care for EMS personnel employed by Aspen Medical USA and/or volunteering with EMS under your supervision IAW their certification and licensure. Establish and monitor compliance with field performance guidelines for EMS personnel. Establish and monitor compliance of training guidelines that meet the standards of the TX, DSHS EMS certification regulations. Develop, implement, and revise protocols and/or SOPs, governing pre-hospital care and medical aspects of patient triage, transport, and transfer, dispatch, extrication, and rescue and radio- telephone-telemetry communication by EMS. Direct an effective system audit and Quality Management System. Establish standards and objectives for all medically related aspects of operations of EMS inclusive of inspection, evaluation and approval of the system’s performance specifications. Act as the primary liaison between the EMS administration and the local medical community responding on a needs basis. Establish MOU/contract’s with other medical directors and EMS administrators and providers regarding specific responsibilities and authority of each as operations expand. Develop and maintain procedures for the withdraw of EMS personnel and non-compliance with the Emergency Medical Services Act, The Health and Safety Code, Chapter 773, which outlines accepted medical practices. Responsible for appropriate remedial or corrective measures for EMS personnel, in conjunction with local EMS providers inclusive of counseling, retraining, testing, probation, and/or field preceptor ship or other measures as required. Responsible for determining suspension of certified EMS personnel from medical care for due cause pending review and evaluation. Establish protocols under which a patient may not be transported based on provider evaluation and/or against their will IAW with state and federal law. Establish criteria for selection of a patient’s destination in IAW with accepted medical practices and STRAC and MEDCOM procedures. Establish a mechanism for the management of patient incidents, complaints, allegations of substandard care; deviations from established protocols and patients care standards. Approval of care or activity provided at the time of your employment. Notification to the Board regarding licensure registration under Rule 166.1 of this title (physician registration) regarding your position as Medical Director and the names of all EMS providers with whom you hold the position of off- line Medical Director.


San Antonio, Texas


Phone: 210-561-5777 or 760-805-4693

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